My 2014 Microsoft MVP Summit Experience

mvp_logoI arrived back from the 2014 Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle on Sunday a little tired but bounding with excitement for the future of Excel. It was wonderful to meet my Excel Idols – the other Excel MVP’s and wax lyrical about Excel and other geeky topics. Microsoft took great care to make sure the […]

Excel Custom Data Validation to Limit Entries

Excel Custom Data ValidationIn this tutorial we’re going to look at how Santa is using Excel Custom Data Validation to limit the number of presents kids request on their Christmas wish list. With Christmas fast approaching our kids are already talking about what Santa might bring them this year. Little do they know that Santa will be implementing […]

Excel Protect Ranges with Different Passwords

pass_protect_thumbDid you know you can set different passwords to protect specific ranges of your Excel worksheets? It’s called Allow Users to Edit Ranges and you’ll find it on the Review tab in the Changes group: Let’s say you have several different users of a workbook and you want to restrict each user’s editing rights to […]

Excel Paste Special Operations

paste_special_thumbCopying and Pasting are two of the most common tasks you’ll perform in Excel. This is especially true for me and I can tell because the shortcut keys (CTRL+C for copy and CTRL+V for paste) on the new keyboard I got just last week are already showing signs of wear. Most of the time I […]

Excel Custom Number Formats

Excel Custom Number FormatsOne of the most useful features in Excel are custom number formats yet they remain largely underused. In my Excel TV interview this week I shared a tip (at 52min) which uses Custom Number formats inside the TEXT function, and coincidently Jordan Goldmeier (of Excel blog; Option Explicit VBA) also used Custom Number formats in […]

Excel Designed Minecraft Cake

Excel Designed Minecraft CakeEach year our sons choose a cake they want me to make for their birthday. Now, I am no baker and their cake of choice is usually something elaborate they find on the internet, and from there I talk them down to something I think I can manage. Last weekend our eldest son, Conor, turned […]

Who Needs Word When Excel Has Got Fill Justify Text

Who Needs Word When Excel Has Got Fill Justify TextThey say the true Excel fan has uninstalled Word from their PC, and removed the F1 key from their keyboard (accidently pressing F1 opens ‘Help’ which slows you down). After all, who needs Word when you have everything you need to write a letter right there in Excel? A must know tool for us Excel […]

Curse You Excel Cursor

Curse You Excel CursorThe Scenario You need to change the range referenced by your chart/conditional formatting/named range so you merrily open the Edit dialog box, like the one below for a chart, and start using your arrow keys to move the cursor into position, except all of a sudden the range referenced starts changing before your eyes.   […]

Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcuts CoverIf you’re frustrated using Excel on a Mac because you don’t know the shortcut keys you’re used to using on a PC, then fret no more. Now you can quickly get up to speed with your Mac keyboard using a KeyCuts Excel keyboard cover. Plus you might learn a few new ones too. It has […]

Excel Hyperlink Buttons

Excel Hyperlink ButtonsI like to use hyperlinks in my Excel workbooks to help with navigation. I link them to a Shape that looks like a button to make it intuitive for the user, and also because I think it looks nicer than a text hyperlink. If I have a lot of worksheets in the file I’ll make […]