Would you like Charts with that?

Excel pivot chartsI’ve always thought after inserting a PivotTable that Excel should ask “would you like a PivotChart with that?”. I think PivotCharts are Microsoft’s equivalent of McDonald’s famous upsell – “Would you like fries with that?” I’m not saying you should have Excel Pivot Charts with every PivotTable meal but they do go nicely together. However, […]

Excel PivotTable Calculated Items

Excel PivotTable Calculated ItemInserting Excel PivotTable Calculated Items is a great way to analyse your data and automatically incorporate that analysis in your PivotTables. Another way to think of them is the ability to add a new item to your report based on a formula which uses other items in the column. You can then include this new […]

Excel Slicers for Fiscal Years

Excel Slicers for Fiscal YearsThere’s no built-in way to create Excel Slicers for fiscal years, however the solution is easily achieved by adding an extra column to your source data to classify each date into its relevant fiscal year. Download the Workbook Download the Excel Workbook and follow along. Note: this is a .xlsx file please ensure your browser […]

Excel Slicers for Rolling Periods

Excel Slicer rolling periodsExcel Slicers for rolling periods, for example; the last 12 months, requires a column in your source data that looks up the date and compares it to today’s date to see if it falls into the current period. Download the Workbook Download the Excel Workbook. Note: this is a .xlsx file please ensure your browser […]

Excel Worksheet Protection

Excel Worksheet ProtectionExcel worksheet protection is a great way to prevent people accidently messing up the reports you’ve spent hours creating. However, it is not going to keep confidential data a secret. If someone really wants to get to your data, or see how your model was put together and all the amazing formulas you’ve used then […]

Excel Chart Vertical Axis Text Labels

text labels on chart y axisIn this tutorial we’re going to look at how we can twist Excel’s arm into putting text labels on the vertical axis of a chart. This was inspired by a question I received a while back from Juan Gabriel Aguero, who asked if we could re-create this chart in Excel: While the answer is yes, […]

Charting Variances in Excel

Excel variance chartsIn my previous life as an accountant one of my main tasks was to analyse budget vs actual variances and then report these variances to department heads who were less than enthusiastic about finance, despite my repeated ‘Finance is Fun’ chants! Let’s see how we can present variances in a chart that’s quick and easy […]